Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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Hathern, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fisher, James  1885Hathern, Leicestershire, England I332
2 Hunt, Catherine  1851Hathern, Leicestershire, England I343
3 Hunt, Moses  1840Hathern, Leicestershire, England I362
4 Price, Mary  1869Hathern, Leicestershire, England I336
5 Tollington, Alfred  1870Hathern, Leicestershire, England I244
6 Tollington, Alice  1879Hathern, Leicestershire, England I348
7 Tollington, Bertha  1880Hathern, Leicestershire, England I330
8 Tollington, Clarence  1900Hathern, Leicestershire, England I353
9 Tollington, Edith  1884Hathern, Leicestershire, England I350
10 Tollington, Edna Florence  19 Dec 1907Hathern, Leicestershire, England I318
11 Tollington, Eliza  1829Hathern, Leicestershire, England I377
12 Tollington, Eliza  1869Hathern, Leicestershire, England I345
13 Tollington, Eliza  1878Hathern, Leicestershire, England I329
14 Tollington, Elizabeth Ann  1877Hathern, Leicestershire, England I347
15 Tollington, Emily  1867Hathern, Leicestershire, England I344
16 Tollington, Everlyn  Abt 1885Hathern, Leicestershire, England I541
17 Tollington, Fanny Francis  1872Hathern, Leicestershire, England I327
18 Tollington, Flora  Abt 1876Hathern, Leicestershire, England I542
19 Tollington, Florence Strickland  1875Hathern, Leicestershire, England I328
20 Tollington, Henry  1848Hathern, Leicestershire, England I339
21 Tollington, Henry  1883Hathern, Leicestershire, England I372
22 Tollington, John  Abt 1826Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
23 Tollington, John  1846Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
24 Tollington, John Henry  1897Hathern, Leicestershire, England I317
25 Tollington, Joseph  1836Hathern, Leicestershire, England I379
26 Tollington, Joseph E  1857Hathern, Leicestershire, England I370
27 Tollington, Letty  1882Hathern, Leicestershire, England I349
28 Tollington, Mary Ann  1866Hathern, Leicestershire, England I325
29 Tollington, Mary Jane  1864Hathern, Leicestershire, England I373
30 Tollington, Samual Henry  1870Hathern, Leicestershire, England I342
31 Tollington, Thomas  1834Hathern, Leicestershire, England I378
32 Tollington, Thomas  1868Hathern, Leicestershire, England I326
33 Tollington, Walter George  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I243
34 Tollington, William  1851Hathern, Leicestershire, England I340
35 Tollington, William Edward  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I346
36 Topliss, Alice  1859Hathern, Leicestershire, England I371
37 Topliss, Ann  1848Hathern, Leicestershire, England I341
38 Wright, Ann  1851Hathern, Leicestershire, England I363


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Crofts, Sarah Ellen  6 Mar 1905Hathern, Leicestershire, England I358


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowley, Ann  Oct 1852Hathern, Leicestershire, England I561
2 Merrin, Emma  29 May 1944Hathern, Leicestershire, England I316

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Tollington, Walter George  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I243


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sarah  1861Hathern, Leicestershire, England I554
2 Sarah  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I554
3 Sarah  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I554
4 Sarah  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I554
5 Bowley, Ann  1841Hathern, Leicestershire, England I561
6 Bowley, Ann  1841Hathern, Leicestershire, England I561
7 Bowley, Sarah Ann  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I543
8 Merrin, Emma  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I316
9 Merrin, Emma  2 Apr 1911Hathern, Leicestershire, England I316
10 Price, Mary  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I336
11 Price, Mary  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I336
12 Strickland, Sarah Ann Margaret  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I324
13 Strickland, Sarah Ann Margaret  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I324
14 Strickland, Sarah Ann Margaret  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I324
15 Tollington, Alfred  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I244
16 Tollington, Alfred  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I244
17 Tollington, Alfred  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I244
18 Tollington, Alfred  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I244
19 Tollington, Alfred  2 Apr 1911Hathern, Leicestershire, England I244
20 Tollington, Bertha  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I330
21 Tollington, Bertha  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I330
22 Tollington, Edna Florence  2 Apr 1911Hathern, Leicestershire, England I318
23 Tollington, Eliza  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I329
24 Tollington, Eliza  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I329
25 Tollington, Eliza  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I329
26 Tollington, Everlyn  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I541
27 Tollington, Fanny Francis  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I327
28 Tollington, Fanny Francis  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I327
29 Tollington, Flora  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I542
30 Tollington, Florence Strickland  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I328
31 Tollington, Henry  1851Hathern, Leicestershire, England I339
32 Tollington, John  1841Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
33 Tollington, John  1851Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
34 Tollington, John  1851Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
35 Tollington, John  1861Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
36 Tollington, John  1861Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
37 Tollington, John  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
38 Tollington, John  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
39 Tollington, John  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I374
40 Tollington, John  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
41 Tollington, John  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
42 Tollington, John  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
43 Tollington, John  1891Hathern, Leicestershire, England I337
44 Tollington, John  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I323
45 Tollington, John Henry  1901Hathern, Leicestershire, England I317
46 Tollington, John Henry  2 Apr 1911Hathern, Leicestershire, England I317
47 Tollington, Mary Ann  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I325
48 Tollington, Mary Ann  1881Hathern, Leicestershire, England I325
49 Tollington, Thomas  1861Hathern, Leicestershire, England I558
50 Tollington, Thomas  1871Hathern, Leicestershire, England I326

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