Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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Shepshed, Leicestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  1826Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4346
2 Atkin, Ruth Ellen  1885Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I174
3 Baxter, Millicent Doreen Peggy  12 Feb 1933Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I497
4 Berrisford, Ernest  22 Jun 1880Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4958
5 Bowley, Joseph  1755Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I713
6 Bradshaw, Elizabeth  1841Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3940
7 Braxby, Deborah  1673Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I609
8 Clark, Thomas by Rev charles Allsopp  Abt 1783Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I601
9 Clarke, Dorothy EEugenia  1916Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4851
10 Clarke, Kathleen Beatrice  1915Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4852
11 Clarke, Marjorie Ann  2 Oct 1910Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4843
12 Clarke, Sidney Eric  1909Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4842
13 Cooke, Samuel  1849Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I634
14 Corbett, Sarah  9 Nov 1885Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4109
15 Danvers, Eliza  1888Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3710
16 Darby, Sarah Ann  27 Feb 1849Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
17 Darby, Sarah Ann  1898Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3797
18 Davie, Abel  1892Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4834
19 Davie, Albert  1896Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4837
20 Davie, Elizabeth Ann  1880Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4821
21 Davie, Frances Eveline  1894Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4836
22 Davie, Margaret Mary  1883Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4831
23 Davie, Reginald Ernest  1898Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4838
24 Davie, Sarah Jane  1893Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4835
25 Davie, Teresa Annie  1886Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4832
26 Gale, Edith  1883Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4890
27 Gale, Edwin  1882Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4889
28 Gale, Elizabeth  1874Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4884
29 Gale, Emma  1861Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4957
30 Gale, Emma  1875Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4885
31 Gale, Fanny  1863Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4918
32 Gale, Gertrude  1886Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4891
33 Gale, James  1820Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I246
34 Gale, James  1880Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4888
35 Gale, Jonathan  Abt 1850Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I245
36 Gale, Mary  1852Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4956
37 Gale, Mary Jane  1887Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4892
38 Gale, Nelly (Possibly Ellen)  1878Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4887
39 Gale, Sarah A  1876Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4886
40 Gale, William  1856Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4897
41 Hadden, Mary  1731Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I229
42 Haddon, Elizabeth  1707Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I610
43 Haddon, Mary  1702Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I613
44 Haddon, Thomas  1698Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I595
45 Holas, Hannah  Abt 1856Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I635
46 Moore, Albert  1886Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3874
47 Moore, Charles  1888Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3937
48 Moore, Eva Lilian  1907Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3872
49 Moore, George  14 May 1846Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I167
50 Moore, John B  1869Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3665

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Moore, Lizzie Louisa  18 Oct 1877Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I171
2 Mountney, Eliza  3 Dec 1837Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I705
3 Smalley, Mary  25 Jun 1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I165
4 Whitworth, Alfred Francis  12 Jan 1890Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3875
5 Whitworth, Annie Matilda  4 Apr 1906Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I53
6 Whitworth, Charles Robert  23 Jun 1913Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I722
7 Whitworth, Eliza  5 Jan 1845Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I97
8 Whitworth, Jane  10 Aug 1851Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I216
9 Whitworth, Mary  6 Aug 1794Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I225
10 Whitworth, Sarah  17 Feb 1839Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I98


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blackwell, Herbert  29 Jul 1931Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4113
2 Blackwell, Walter Benjamin  26 Dec 1965Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I4108
3 Crofts, Sarah Ellen  26 May 1993Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I358
4 Gale, Jonathan  1907Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I245
5 Garside, Vera Patricia  2017Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3736
6 Gibson Mounteney, Kate  23 Jun 1954Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I161
7 Haddon, Mary  1703Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I613
8 Haddon, Mary  1704Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I612
9 Haddon, Thomas  1768Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I595
10 Hughes, Reginald  Feb 2004Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I496
11 Robinson, George  Feb 1961Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3709
12 Whitworth, Charles W  19 Jan 1952Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I3721
13 Whitworth, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1949Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I150
14 Whitworth, Florence  24 Feb 1932Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I151
15 Whitworth, Hamlet Edward  27 Mar 1932Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I152
16 Whitworth, James  28 Dec 1961Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I154
17 Whitworth, James Colin  1899Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I94
18 Whitworth, James Langham  21 Aug 1961Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I397
19 Whitworth, Jane  4 Jun 1923Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I216
20 Whitworth, John  16 Jan 1825Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I226
21 Whitworth, Laura  1902Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I204
22 Whitworth, Mary (Twins)  27 Jan 1792Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I585
23 Whitworth, Sarah  Abt 1841Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I576
24 Whitworth, William  Abt 30 Jan 1846Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I565
25 Whitworth Tollington, Florence  21 Aug 1987Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I280


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Gale, Jonathan  26 Mar 1907Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I245
2 Whitworth, Edward  1 Apr 1763Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I234
3 Whitworth, Jane  7 Jun 1923Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I216

Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Darby, Sarah Ann  27 Feb 1849Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
2 Whitworth, James  Abt 2 Feb 1846Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I101
3 Whitworth, James Leonard  Dec 1898Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Atkin, Ruth Ellen  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I174
2 Cooke, Samuel  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I634
3 Cooke, Samuel  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I634
4 Cooke, Samuel  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I634
5 Darby, Albert  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I568
6 Darby, Elizabeth  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I571
7 Darby, Emily  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I573
8 Darby, Emily  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I573
9 Darby, Eva  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I570
10 Darby, John  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I569
11 Darby, Sarah Ann  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
12 Darby, Sarah Ann  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
13 Darby, Sarah Ann  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
14 Darby, Sarah Ann  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I148
15 Darby, Thomas  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I572
16 Darby, William  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
17 Darby, William  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
18 Darby, William  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I552
19 Draper, Elizabeth  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I553
20 Draper, Elizabeth  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I553
21 Draper, Elizabeth  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I553
22 Gibson, Elizabeth Mountney  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I631
23 Gibson, Samuel  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I277
24 Gibson, Samuel Mountney  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I629
25 Gibson, Samuel Mountney  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I629
26 Gibson, William Mountney  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I627
27 Gibson, William Mountney  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I627
28 Gibson Mounteney, Kate  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I161
29 Gibson Mounteney, Kate  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I161
30 Gibson Mounteney, Kate  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I161
31 Gibson Mounteney, Kate  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I161
32 Hall, Elizabeth  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I90
33 Hall, Elizabeth  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I90
34 Hall, Elizabeth  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I90
35 Holas, Hannah  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I635
36 Hudson, Fanny Georgina  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I189
37 Langham, Laura  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I156
38 Langham, Laura  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I156
39 Mounteny, Hannah  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
40 Mounteny, Hannah  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
41 Mounteny, Hannah  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I550
42 Mountney, Mary Ann Gibson  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I630
43 Mountney, Mary Ann Gibson  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I630
44 Mountney, Mary Ann Gibson  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I630
45 Mountney, Mary Ann Gibson  2 Apr 1911Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I630
46 Mountney, Thomas Henry Gibson  1871Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I628
47 Mountney, Thomas Henry Gibson  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I628
48 Mountney, Thomas Henry Gibson  1901Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I628
49 Whitworth, Elizabeth  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I150
50 Whitworth, Florence  1891Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I176

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Shepshed Riot

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Shepshed Riot    Person ID 
1 Whitworth, John  1868Shepshed, Leicestershire, England I89


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooke / Mountney  29 Jul 1873Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F191
2 Darby / Draper  11 May 1845Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F158
3 Gibson / Hart  22 Nov 1808Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F209
4 Gibson / Russon  19 Nov 1883Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F1770
5 Haddon / Braxby  5 Aug 1695Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F173
6 Moore / Whitworth  1 Sep 1900Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F35
7 Newbold / Whitworth  25 Dec 1920Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F1775
8 Smalley / Barratt  2 Oct 1828Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F58
9 Whitworth / Wardle  6 Nov 1836Shepshed, Leicestershire, England F33