Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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Bottesford, Leicestershire, England



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hollingsworth, Mary  18 Aug 1889Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2798
2 Hornby, Elizabeth  Abt 1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2649
3 Myers, Fanny  Abt 1841Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2799
4 Smith, Ann  Abt 1837Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3094
5 Smith, Ann  Abt 1857Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2650
6 Smith, Benjamin  Abt 1840Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3092
7 Smith, Isaac  7 Mar 1830Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
8 Smith, John  1832Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3096
9 Smith, John  Abt 1868Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2647
10 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  14 Oct 1852Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2651
11 Smith, Rebecca  Abt 1842Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3093
12 Smith, Robert  1877Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2645
13 Smith, Sarah  1822Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3098
14 Smith, Sarah  Abt 1866Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2648
15 Smith, Thomas  1870Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2646
16 Smith, Thomas W  Abt 1877Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2630
17 Smith, William  Abt 1834Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3095
18 Smith, William  Abt 1859Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P1331
19 Smith, William  Abt 1905Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2637
20 Stray, Charlotte  Abt 1872Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3212


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Culley, Sarah  30 Jun 1897Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2624
2 Henson, Mary  10 Feb 1853Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2644
3 Smith, Isaac  1 Oct 1878Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2643
4 Smith, Isaac  1907Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
5 Smith, Mary  4 Apr 1853Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3097
6 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  15 Mar 1862Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2651


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Culley, Sarah  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2624
2 Culley, Sarah  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2624
3 Culley, Sarah  1881Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2624
4 Culley, Sarah  1891Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2624
5 Henson, Mary  1841Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2644
6 Henson, Mary  1851Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2644
7 Hornby, Elizabeth  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2649
8 Hornby, Elizabeth  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2649
9 Hornby, Elizabeth  1901Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2649
10 Peel, Emily  1891Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3224
11 Smith, Ann  1851Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3094
12 Smith, Ann  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2650
13 Smith, Ann  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2650
14 Smith, Benjamin  1851Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3092
15 Smith, Isaac  1841Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
16 Smith, Isaac  1841Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2643
17 Smith, Isaac  1851Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2643
18 Smith, Isaac  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
19 Smith, Isaac  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
20 Smith, Isaac  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2643
21 Smith, Isaac  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
22 Smith, Isaac  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
23 Smith, Isaac  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2643
24 Smith, Isaac  1881Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
25 Smith, Isaac  1881Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
26 Smith, Isaac  1891Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
27 Smith, Isaac  1891Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
28 Smith, Isaac  1901Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2623
29 Smith, John  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2647
30 Smith, John  1891Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2647
31 Smith, Mary Elizabeth  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2651
32 Smith, Rebecca  1851Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3093
33 Smith, Rebecca  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3093
34 Smith, Robert  1881Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2645
35 Smith, Robert  1891Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2645
36 Smith, Sarah  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2648
37 Smith, Sarah  1881Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2648
38 Smith, Thomas  1871Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2646
39 Smith, Thomas  1881Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P2646
40 Smith, William  1841Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3095
41 Smith, William  1851Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P3095
42 Smith, William  1861Bottesford, Leicestershire, England P1331