Genealogy research from the Reed, Whitworth, Cullen, and Eley lines which ended up in me being here!
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Freetown, Bristol Co, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, Mary  Abt 1772Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5856
2 Clark, Amy  3 Feb 1793Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5849
3 Clark, Betsey  19 Mar 1791Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5848
4 Clark, Hepzibah  10 Mar 1800Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5851
5 Clark, Lydia  11 Jun 1789Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5847
6 Clark, Polly  10 Dec 1801Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5852
7 Clark, Richard Jr.  27 Nov 1788Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5853
8 Clark, Thomas  27 May 1798Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5850
9 Cudworth, Abigail  Abt 1762Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5818
10 Dunham, Betsy  27 Dec 1767Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5819
11 Grinnell, Benjamin Sr.  12 Jan 1695/96Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5807
12 Grinnell, Benjamin Jr.  2 Dec 1728Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5810
13 Grinnell, Benjamin II  21 Sep 1757Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5813
14 Grinnell, Benjamin IV  28 Apr 1782Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5820
15 Grinnell, Benjamin  31 Dec 1795Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5862
16 Grinnell, Benjamin  18 Aug 1807Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5868
17 Grinnell, Benjamin S.  28 Oct 1873Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5842
18 Grinnell, Betsy  9 Feb 1797Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5863
19 Grinnell, Daniel  2 Mar 1784Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5821
20 Grinnell, Daniel Howard Sr.  1814Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5869
21 Grinnell, Emily Augusta  4 Dec 1877Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5843
22 Grinnell, George Hathaway  3 Jan 1883Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5844
23 Grinnell, Guilford  7 Dec 1758Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5814
24 Grinnell, Lucy June  29 Jun 1796Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5824
25 Grinnell, Lydia  7 Feb 1766Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5815
26 Grinnell, Lydia  Mar 1789Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5822
27 Grinnell, Mary  16 Feb 1803Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5866
28 Grinnell, Oliver  12 Apr 1768Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5816
29 Grinnell, Oliver  16 Nov 1793Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5823
30 Grinnell, Oliver Cromwell Sr.  28 May 1801Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5865
31 Hathaway, Lydia  28 May 1731Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5812
32 Strange, Elizabeth  13 Nov 1785Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5825


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cudworth, Abigail  Bef 20 Jan 1793Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5818
2 Grinnell, Benjamin Sr.  1776Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5807
3 Grinnell, Benjamin II  1797Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5813
4 Grinnell, Benjamin IV  8 Feb 1817Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5820
5 Grinnell, Daniel  6 Apr 1807Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5821
6 Grinnell, Guilford  Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5814
7 Grinnell, Lydia  Freetown, Bristol Co, MA I5815